Batiksoul Guitar is one of premium guitar handmade in the world. The uniqueness of guitar design and Indonesian special batik tulis art which supports our batik guitar production result becomes extremely exclusive and limited edition for many musicians who already use it.

      The batik processing on Batiksoul guitar is using quite long researches and tests which are because the batik processing should not ruin the quality of the wood (tonewood) used, but also to create a beautiful batik on the guitar. Besides using qualified tonewood like a maple, flamed maple, spruce, sitka, cedar, rosewood, ebony etc. several Batiksoul guitar models are also using Indonesian special wood like Sonokeling, Rosewood, Mahogany, Mango, Durian , Rambutan, Ebony Maccasar and several other Indonesian tropical woods.


Batik Soul Guitar